Fires and Fuzzies

An Annual Benefit for Launch Leadership and a Celebration of the Brightest Young Leaders in Our Community

The money we raised together is equivalent to 130 new delegates experiencing Summer Workshop. Thank you!


We're making a difference, together.

We raised more than $65,000 at Fire & Fuzzies! That’s incredible. Thanks so much for partnering with us! We're changing our community by believing in and inspiring one student at a time.

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From the program...

Alana's Story


Workshop delegate and Omaha North student, Alana Buna, showcased her incredible talent of dance onstage at the Rococo. She also shared insight into how Launch has made a life changing difference in her life over the past six years.

We’re so proud of her and know you are too. Here’s an excerpt from her talk:

There are so many things Launch has taught me that I will take into adulthood. I will take how to communicate properly, that probably sounds weird but it’s true. Launch has taught me how to communicate in a more efficient way, no matter if it’s how to get my point across or if it’s just a regular conversation. Launch has also taught me to not only think about myself but others. You have no clue what the person next to you has really gone through.

Launch isn't just about leadership, it's about finding out who you are as a person, it's about making lifelong friendships. And helping everyone around you, not only on the Wayne State campus, but in your own communities. At launch everyone walks in as strangers. You go through challenges together, learn and grow together. You leave not just as friends, but family. And this all happens in 5 days! Launch changes lives, I know it has changed mine.

Tracy Wernsman Receives Coveted Award


Named for Ron Joekel, a life-long educator and pioneer in youth leadership development and student council development, this award honors someone who is a champion of leadership development in the classroom or community.

Tracy is an Educator and Administrator, Hospice Volunteer, and Foster Mother. She selflessly and effortlessly recognizes the most positive aspects in others. With a nearly tangible joyous light—a fire —Tracy reveals to those around her why we are unique, beautiful and amazing. She makes us laugh. She shares love. She shows us how to lead. She reminds us we are good, and she makes us want to be better. Congratulations Tracy!

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